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Our Capture and Removal Cleaning® System

We Use Advanced Commercial Cleaning Tools

ServiceMaster Clean is proud to offer the most advanced cleaning tools and products in the industry. These days, an average clean isn’t enough. Your facility needs a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. Our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system is one way we deliver the highest quality clean. This system combines advanced cleaning technologies, powerful products and a high-productivity approach to help dramatically decrease the presence of dirt, dust, and debris as well as bacteria and VOCs. It traps and removes dirt, dust, and debris 55% better than traditional cleaning methods while minimizing costs as a result of its efficient cleaning practices.

We’ll Save You Time & Money

Our Capture and Removal technique can reduce cleaning time by about 25%, giving you back the time you need to focus on your business. The less time we spend cleaning your facility results in more savings for you and your company.

  • This advanced system uses:
  • Our patented microfiber technologies
  • Our proprietary Green For cleaning products
  • Our proprietary SaniMaster disinfection products
  • A highly productive team-cleaning process
  • Specialized high-filtration vacuums that are quiet and capture 99.9% of particles smaller than 1 micron

Call us at (844) 325-0707 to learn more about the Capture and Removal system or to request a commercial cleaning quote.

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Our Green For cleaning products

  • Don’t contain any ingredients that are considered corrosive, acidic or alkaline
  • Reduce toxins absorbed into our ecosystem
  • Have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Biodegrade faster than their chemical counterparts
  • Are certified by Green Seal as well as Environmental Choice

Dedicated to Health & Safety

Our Capture and Removal technique is just one way in which we help protect the guests and employees of your facility. In today’s world, you need to make sure you are fully prepared to fight against the spread of germs and bacteria. ServiceMaster Clean offers over 65 years of cleaning experience and we are continually testing new methods and techniques to stay at the forefront of the commercial cleaning industry. The cleanliness, health and safety of your environment is our top priority.

We AreComplete

Trusted Where Clean Matters

  • Save Time & Money

    Outsourcing your cleaning services can help streamline your expenses and reduce cleaning time by about 25% while ensuring a spotless, disinfected environment.

  • Healthy, Worry-Free Environments

    A clean workspace decreases employee sick days and protects your customers from harmful germs and bacteria.

  • Our Services, Your Schedule

    We'll familiarize ourselves with your facility and then create a customized cleaning and disinfecting plan that perfectly accommodates your needs. We can schedule our cleaning services at a time and frequency that works best for you and your facility.

  • Professional Experts, Advanced Technology

    Our cleaning experts are thoroughly trained and use proprietary cleaning and disinfecting systems that dramatically decrease dust and bacteria, among other compounds.