Sanishield 360 Technology

We use only the most effective application method of electrostatic spraying our trusted & proven DISINFECTANT SHIELD, which not only allows for full comprehensive 360° coverage, even in the hard to reach surfaces but also aids in the elimination of human error where traditional methods of the spray’n’wipe or fogging applications cannot match. Our application method aids in reducing outbreaks and possible infections. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their home or business is a safer and healthier place for all.

FAQ about Electrostatic Disinfecting

  • What is Electrostatic Disinfecting?
    Electrostatic sprayers take specially formulated disinfectants and atomize the particles so they are microscopically small.  These particles are then electrically charged as they are being sprayed.  This electrical charge causes the particles to fully and evenly coat all surfaces.  For example If you bottle sprayed a disinfectant on a chair, the chair would be disinfected in line where you sprayed.  However when we electrostatically disinfect a chair, the entire chair is evenly covered.  The back, bottom, sides, legs, etc. are all disinfected.
  • Does it kill germs?
    The special disinfectant that we use has been proven to kill 99.999% of germs and viruses.  This disinfectant has been approved by the EPA for use against the Cornovirus (Covid-19).
  • It is safe?
    The disinfectant use has been rated by the EPA as being completely safe for all people and animals to come in contact with.
  • How long does it disinfect?
    Because it is electrically charged, it creates a semi-permanent bond that stays on surfaces and continues to fight germs and viruses for up to 28 days. Does it leave a residue or odor? There is no residue.  After spraying, there is a very slight odor that is similar to a swimming pool that will go away quickly.  And what is great is your house or business after spraying will be free of odor-causing germs and bacteria!

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